Biking accidents are becoming an ever more common occurrence. The sunshine state is renowned for its year-long summers which are ideal for both serious and leisure cyclists. The abundance of biker friendly communities and pathways throughout the state affirm the viability of bikes as an alternative mode of transport.    

Biking Laws  

It is important to be acquainted with the rules and regulations associated with biking in the state of Florida in order to keep safe on the road. 

  • Obey all traffic laws applicable to cars
  • Bikes must be equipped with brakes 
  • Bikes on the sidewalk share the same rights as pedestrians 
  • Bikes must be equipped with a lamp or reflexive lights at nighttime 

This is merely a brief overview of some of the more crucial rules to follow as a cyclist on the road. 

Accident Claims 

The state of Florida is a ‘no-fault state’ meaning that in the event of an accident, each party involved is expected to rely on their own vehicular insurance to cover any associated medical expenses.  

However, injured individuals can seek compensation for damages incurred such as lost wages, medical expenses, etc. The state of Florida has set certain damage caps in place for personal injury cases as well as a statute of limitations of 4 years. 

Post-Accident Procedure

There are a number of key steps of recording evidence that one shouldn’t overlook. Immediately following a biking accident, it is important to call the police which can help collect witness reports and documents in order to solidify one’s claim. 

It is also important to photograph the scene of the accident from several different angles, including the weather conditions as well. Medical assistance should be sought after in the event of any personal injuries. 

Florida Personal Injury Law

The legality surrounding biking accidents in the state of Florida can be tricky to navigate. Time is of the utmost essence in order to maximize any possible monetary compensation. 

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