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Miami is one of the hardest hit cities during hurricane season, and thousands of homes are affected by it.

That is why at Uriarte Law, we offer you a helping hand when handling claims with your insurance company.

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Hurricane and Tropical Storm Damages

Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause a great deal of damage. Properties and entire neighborhoods can be lost in the matter of hours.

This loss comes accompanied by the devastating feeling of losing your home, your memories. Having experienced that, all you need is to focus on offering your family their peace of mind back, and that is when we come in.

Our attorneys will listen to your case on a FREE consultation and will help you get a fair settlement for your homeowners insurance claim.

In the hurricane season of 2021, an estimated of $80.013 billion were reported in damages, making it one of the highest amounts in history. Get the compensation you deserve after a natural disaster, we will help you get it, and get your home back.

Miami is one of the most affected cities during the hurricane season in the country, that is why we love to help our clients with their homeowners insurance claims.

When natural disasters happen, many insurance companies do not cover the entire policy, leaving their client dissatisfied with their service. In Uriarte Law we want to help you make the necessary claims in your home insurance, while you focus on recovering your peace of mind with your loved ones.

Protect your property for Hurricane and Tropical Storm Damages

  • Hurricane impact doors and windows installed.
  • Protect property from flood damage
  • Secure loose objects.
  • Prepare appliances for power outages.
  • Make a home inventory.
  • Create an evacuation plan.

How the right attorneys can help

We review all of your property damage repairs and expenses, and we use that to litigate on your behalf and get the maximum payout you deserve for the pain and suffering of experiencing a hurricane.

We know how devastating a hurricane disaster can be. Not only is the act itself traumatic, the stress from dealing with the high cost of putting your life back together can be overwhelming.

That is why our Florida attorneys are passionate about fighting your case, so we can alleviate some of that financial burden and give you peace of mind. Call our Florida experts to discuss your property damage matter. We are here to listen.

About Uriarte Legal

Satisfied Clients

  • We are so pleased with this firm. We will highly recommend Mr. Uriarte and his team to all our family and friends. Our case manager David went above and beyond to ensure everything was processed accordingly and we are very happy with the outcome. We were unhappy with our previous lawyer and switched to this firm.
  • I highly recommend Alex Uriarte Law. If you are looking for someone that combines excellence and professionalism with a caring heart then look no further. Alex and his team generously offered to help my family and I after we were involved in a freak accident. Alex was extremely professional, very thorough in collecting as much info as possible to help our case, and always exhibited a caring heart while helping us.
    Michael Figueroa
  • The Uriarte law firm is a pleasure to work with. The staff are all very courteous and helpful. They take the time to listen to their clients and provide the best solutions. I highly recommend them for your legal needs.
    Lily Gonzalez