We’ll be discussing safe driving tips to share with your teen in order to ensure their safety on the road as well as guidance on picking the right insurance which can save quite a few bucks. 

Many parents dread the day when their teen child finally endeavors to drive on their own. The newfound independence is a move towards early adulthood. Although, the issues of safe driving and proper car insurance are a headache for most parents. 

1) Paying for Car Bills 

There is no better way to instill responsibility and discipline in your teen’s mind than by making them pay their fair share of the car bills. Whether that may be paying for the gas fill-up or paying for the monthly insurance bill, your teen will learn to respect the cost and effort in maintaining a car. 

2) No-Tolerance DUI Policy  

The chances of being involved in a fatal car crash rise significantly when driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. It is essential for your teen to understand the severity of driving under the influence and the possible ramification it can have on their life and on the lives of others. 

3) Maintain Good Grades 

Many parents are unaware of the possible benefits that their teen’s good grades may have on car insurance rates. There are numerous car insurance companies that offer special deductions and discounts for teens with a GPA of 3.0 and higher. Be sure to encourage your teen to keep up their grades, which in turn will keep the car bills low. 

4) Be a Good Example 

‘Do as I say and not as I do’ is not a sound way to teach your teens the tenets of safe driving. If the parents are known to drive recklessly and commit road rage, then the teens will surely follow in their steps. Set the example that your teens will follow by emulating the safe driving of their parents. 

5) Purchase a Safe Car 

Although your teen would love to drive a fast sports car, it wouldn’t be best in terms of teaching them responsible driving. A safe car with excellent crash safety ratings will be the best choice in the long run. 

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