The owner of a property is potentially, legally liable for personal injuries that occur on the premises, such a slip and fall. This obliges owners to carry out proper maintenance of their property which ensures that the space is habitable and free of dangerous conditions. 

Slip and fall incidents are textbook examples of negligence on the part of the owner which can lead to dangerous accidents especially for seniors. This could entail faulty tire installation or condemned spaces which aren’t up to proper building code. 

Filing a Claim 

A personal injury may occur anywhere, even in the home of family or friends. In these cases, it may feel conflicting to file against friends or family. However, it may be the only way to receive proper compensation for medical bills, lost income, and emotional or physical distress. 

In reality, homeowner’s insurance will typically provide coverage on a personal injury claim at no additional cost or headache to the homeowner. There’s no need to worry for the sake of the homeowner in any case. 

Non-applicable Cases

There are some cases where the homeowner or property owner can’t be held responsible for personal injuries. People who weren’t welcomed into the home in the first place such as trespassers or burglars, aren’t covered in the event of personal injury. 

Although children fall into a different category, regardless of whether they were invited or not, because of their lack of ability to perceive danger. A pool in a home also complicates the issue. A pool without proper security measures might put the homeowner at risk if a child were to sustain any injury, however for an adult. 

Contact Legal Counsel 

An experienced attorney can help clients receive proper care and compensation following a personal injury incident due to the negligence of the proper owner. Whether the incident occurs in a home, office, or warehouse; victims are encouraged to seek proper legal assistance.