In certain physical injuries cases such as slip & fall ones, the presence of a witness who can testify to the danger of the scene and the validity of the injured party’s claims can significantly boost the chances of winning the case in court against the liable party. 

Slip & Fall Case Witnesses 

It’s important to keep in mind that not just any witness is an asset for your legal claim. In order to prove useful for you case, they must fall into one of three different categories of witnesses that a plaintiff can summon in order to improve their case: 

  • Eyewitness accounts – Bystanders who were at the scene of the slip & fall injury can verify the claims of the plaintiff from an unbiased point of view and strengthen the case overall. 
  • Medical examiners – The written evidence of the injuries sustained in the accident from a board certified doctor can prove the claims of injury and demand financial compensation for medical expenses. 
  • Property experts – Any person who has significant experience in the field as a contractor, builder, or carpenter can attest to the negligent state of the scene of the slip & fall accident. 

Witness Testimony 

The best way to ensure the validity of your claims is through the corroborations of an eyewitness account on the scene. First off begin by gathering all of their contact info at the scene of the injury. After you have swapped contact info, give the information to your lawyer who will later on contact the witness to gather information. 

Legal Resource 

Slip and Fall cases are tricky to maneuver even with multiple eyewitness accounts on the scene. Be sure to contact an experienced legal firm if you have a claim in a slip and fall accident.