Victims of a slip and fall accident caused by a negligent property owner, are entitled to receive financial compensation to cover necessary expenses while rehabilitating a sustained physical injury. 

The amount of financial compensation ultimately depends on the severity of the injury along with other factors such as lost wages, pain, and suffering. It is up to your legal team to build the strongest case possible against the negligent party. 

Slip and Fall Medical Bills 

One of the most important factors to consider for calculating the estimated value of a slip and fall settlement involves all of the medical bills associated with the injury. Especially costs that came out-of-pocket without insurance coverage. 

Slip and fall victims generally recover at least the full value of all the medical costs. Although there are also other variable costs such as future therapies and medications that need to be taken into account due to the injury. 

Slip and Fall Lost Wages

One important worry for slip and fall victims pertains to the lost wages accrued during the downtime needed to recover from the injury. A certified copy of a work schedule and pay stub should suffice to secure the proper compensation. 

A strong case can be made for the argument of lost earning potential as well due to the injury. It typically applies to jobs where extensive manual labor is required. In these fields, a severe physical injury can significantly alter future earnings potential.  

Slip and Fall Accident Emotional Distress 

The last factor involves calculating the total amount of emotional distress the injury has wrecked on one’s living condition. In cases involving injuries causing any form of physical disfigurement or disability, victims can expect a large sum of compensation. 

Any permanence or long-term suffering following the injury such as the use of a walking cane or the assistance of a physical therapist is an opportunity to justify financial compensation. 

Legal Counsel 

Even the most surefire cases can be squandered by inept legal representation. Perform the necessary due diligence in order to find the right legal team for your case. Contact an experienced slip and fall attorney to secure the maximum financial compensation.