If you find yourself in a Uber Accident, call 911 (just as you would if you were in an accident within a private car.) Even if you believe your injuries are not severe, it is always better to get a medical evaluation to dismiss any internal injuries and to protect yourself (legally) if lesions appear later.

If possible, use your phone to take photos or videos of the accident’s scene and the cars involved in the crash. You should also write down any vital information, such as: 

  • Your driver’s full name and contact number
  • Any other involved parties’ contact information
  • All insurance information
  • License plates, color, and model of the cars involved
  • The contact information of any bystanders (who might have seen the accident)

Know that if any issues arise when you file your claim, this information can come in handy when making a case. 

What do I do if I am involved in a Uber crash?

Uber has become increasingly popular in all major cities across the country. So, the chances are that you have used or know someone who uses the mobile app. 

According to Uber, all drivers are obliged to undergo background checks to avoid hiring drivers who have a bad driving record or who have a history of car accidents. 

Nonetheless, even a great driver can be involved in an accident. Thus, if you usually use ride-sharing apps like Uber, it is essential that you know what to do if you are the victim of an accident and how to receive payment for any injuries or other losses resulting from the accident. 

Who pays for the damages resulting from an Uber accident?

Uber, and all the peer-to-peer driving apps, are relatively new concepts. Uber, for example, has only been for nine or ten years. Thus, when it comes to liability and financial responsibility, insurance policy protocols and legislation are still unclear.

Given that these companies are as conventional as a taxi-service, they were able to by-pass many for-hire laws and regulations.

As a result, regulations regarding accident liability for peer-to-peer transportation services are currently under development. Thus, chances are we will experience many changes as legislators figure out the laws that apply. 

As of now, Uber does have insurance coverage for passengers who are hurt in Uber accidents. However, this insurance may be secondary to the Uber driver’s insurance. And, if another driver is at fault, then it is typically his/her insurance, the entity responsible for covering the damages.

Uber accidents are very complex. Thus, if you are involved in an accident while riding the app, you should hire a professional. By doing so, you can rest assured that you are getting the settlement you deserve.