Shopping Mall Injuries: Shopping Malls have become a ubiquitous gathering place all across the country for people of all ages and demographics looking to get some shopping done or pass some time with friends. 

The state of Florida is certainly no exception. It boasts countless malls and even open-air shopping centers making the best use of the year-long summer climate as per the state’s namesake. 

Personal Injury Risks 

Shopping malls are large, expansive areas filled with potentially hazardous apparatuses such as escalators, elevators, etc. Improper lighting or maintenance of certain equipment or areas can lead to injuries. 

The property owners are ultimately held responsible for any personal injury that occurs on the premises of a shopping mall. Especially if the injury can be proven due to any form of negligence, then the injured party is entitled to monetary compensation. 

Financial Compensation 

In the event of a personal injury occurring on the premises of a shopping mall, it is crucial to acquire a few pieces of hard evidence to compile a case for monetary compensation. 

For example, witness testimonies should be well documented in order to compile a strong case. If the personal injury is grave enough, then medical assistance should be sought after which helps solidify the case even more.  

With all of these documents in hand corroborating the exact moment of a physical injury, the insurance company will have a hard time disputing your claim for fair monetary compensation. 

Legal resources such as a court-ordered subpoena could secure the surveillance footage of the injury before it is destroyed by the property owners. An experienced attorney in the realm of personal injury will help you secure the fairest amount of monetary compensation for your personal injury.

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