The thrill of the open road is best shared with motorcycle passengers. Before heading out, it’s important to keep in mind that the passenger is also entitled to the same legal protections as the driver of the motorcycle in the event of an accident.

Motorcycle Safety 

There is a safety checklist that should be strictly followed before embarking on a motorcycle ride as the driver or the passenger. First and foremost, always practice safe driving habits such as wearing a helmet, protective clothing, and driving cautiously. 

Equally as important in the event of an emergency is to carry an emergency contact card on your person in order for the authorities and first responders to be able to reach and contact a person close to you. 

Motorcycle Passenger Insurance Coverage 

A passenger on a motorcycle doesn’t need to worry about covering medical expenses and other associated costs with an injury sustained in a motorcycle crash. Your current car insurance may also include coverage as a passenger in a motorcycle crash. 

For those who don’t own car insurance coverage, the passenger has the option to file a motorcycle injury claim with the insurance of the driver of the motorcycle in order to receive compensation for medical expenses. 

Legal Options 

Some may feel uncomfortable about filing a motorcycle injury claim against the driver’s insurance company, however, it will not negatively impact their monthly premium since it was already poised to rise after the crash itself. 

Regardless even if it does cause their premiums to rise, no one should have to face medical expenses as a passenger in a motorcycle crash. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of personal injury law and ready to litigate on your behalf. That’s why our Florida attorneys are passionate about fighting your case, so we can alleviate some of that financial burden and give you peace of mind. Call our Florida experts to discuss your personal injury or property damage matter. We are here to listen.