How to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes – Motorcycle enthusiasts rave about the feeling of the open road. It’s what attracts so many people to take up riding hogs even though we’re well aware of the inherent dangers of riding a motorcycle. 

Here we’ll discuss the simple ways to avoid the most common motorcycle occurrences to stay safe on the road.

Accidents Related to Intoxication 

Driving while under the influence is totally inadmissible under any circumstances, even more so when riding on a motorcycle. The fatality rates for crashes involving a motorcycle vehicle is predictably far worse off for the motorcyclist. 

Riding bikes is a social activity that often involves a drink or two at the local bar or pub. However, by limiting yourself to one beer per hour, you can safely enjoy a drink out with friends while remaining in control. 

Lane-Splitting Accidents 

This motorcycle maneuver involves driving in between two lanes of slowing down or stopped traffic, usually around traffic lights in order to cut through traffic. This is one of the many purported freedoms of riding a motorcycle.

Despite how common or convenient it may be, it is still considered a risky, dangerous maneuver due to the proximity to other vehicles and the inability of cars to anticipate the presence of a lane-splitting bike. 

High-Speed Collisions 

Along with the love of the open road, many motorcycle enthusiasts are also willing to profess their need for speed. As opposed to cars, motorcycles can offer riders a fast engine in an affordable package. 

Although this may seem advantageous at first, sport motorcycles which emphasize speed above all else lead to two to four times higher accident death rates as opposed to conventional motorcycles.

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